From its inception, in 2006, James Lost has been known for its aim at a maximum interaction between music and motion pictures. At every event, James Lost manages to complement the music performed with original and sometimes provoking visuals. In its existence so far, James Lost has already made quite a name and is booked frequently. There is, of course, always an eagerness to work with new musicians and to perform at different events for new audiences in order to stimulate an ongoing development in the world of motion graphics. Every project is approached with the highest possible level of professionalism, originality and enthusiasm.

Because of the heavy performance schedule, James Lost is now a vj-collective with vj’ers witch are doing over 70’s show each year. Seppe Ovink – founding member and creative director of James Lost – is focusing more and more on 3d videomapping and stagedesign. In our showreel from 2016 you can see some more details off that. If you want to know more about the possibilities about stagedesign or 3d videomapping for your event, pls contact us by e-mail.